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  • 2000 plastic sticks of white color of 11, 5 cm with a rectangle in one of the ends of the stick to be able to facilitate the dissolution of the sugar in any of the liquids that want to be stirred.


  • Plastic stirrer with ball on top of the stick and a rectangle bottom to be able to drag part of the liquid when stirring. Used in bars, restaurants, coffee machines, cafeterias or any other place where the client takes his coffee from the premises and wants to stir it. Box of 15 packages of 100 stirrers. Dimensions 21cm

  • With Round Doilies you will bring elegance to the presentation of your best delicacies, whether sweet or salty, in a restaurant or in any bakery. In the pack that we offer you will have 250 units to use and throw, without worrying about the environment, since our products are adapted to have a lesser impact than conventional ones. Our quality is at the best price, take advantage!

  • White round dishes made with disposable cardboard. They are designed to place circular doilies although you can use it in the same way without putting anything on top. Choose the model that suits you best.

Showing all 4 results

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