Tablecloths, napkins and dishcloths

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  • It is a kitchen towel to dry crockery and hands of 75cm x 55cm with large contact surface to get the most out of products without getting completely wet. The composition of 100% cotton will absorb more amount of water.

  • Individual tablecloths for children to use and throw away so that the children of your guests are distracted and have fun playing while they eat. We know that going to eat with children is sometimes difficult because they do not want to eat. With these tablecloths your customers will want to come back since their children will be enjoying drawing on the tablecloths.

  • Individual placemats to use and throw that will provide a better presence to your restaurant, since the typical white paper tablecloth is very common in all bars. It is made with eco-friendly paper and weighs 40g. Box of 1000 units.

  • If you need a cloth to dry any product that is wet this cloth will cover all your needs, drying the crockery or cutlery and leaving it ready to use. It is made of cotton and weighs 68g the unit. Dimensions below.

  • It has a design of high damask different from the conventional white models, in addition to providing the resistance mentioned its appearance generates a great presentation to the client. The roll is 1.20×50 m.

  • It comes in a 15 meter roll format and is specially made for the prevention of breaking any glass or ceramic ware. It is a long-lasting product and very easy to wash.

  • Three different colors for a napkin / cloth of 45cm x 45cm. You will have the possibility to use as a napkin or cloth, although thanks to the fabric you can dry everything that is wet.

  • The pocket napkin 40 x 40 cm ultra modern and original that changes the small detail of your restaurant gaining elegance and glamour. Because we know that the small details make the difference in the sector, and more in the hospitality industry.


  • Kitchen cloths 45cm x 45cm of perfect size with the possibility to choose different colors. They will clean all the dirt that you hold on your hands, absorb all the water that you hold in your hands to clean them, you can dry many crockery products without having to throw it in the washing machine.

  • Cloths to clean any type of tableware, whether glass, ceramic, plastic or silverware, silverware, etc. It is manufactured with the best cotton to dry as quickly as possible and the largest number of products, without needing to change.

  • A kitchen towel with curly cotton structure that will absorb all the water accumulated in the dishes after cleaning it thoroughly. It differs by the impression of an image on the front of the cloth to which it gives a touch of unique personality.

  • Kitchen towels in two different colors white and blue with a twill structure. They combine in any traditional kitchen, and thanks to the characteristics of the cotton that makes up the fabric, it absorbs water very well, leaving the products dry and clean.

Showing 1–12 of 14 results

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