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  • Revolutionary apron that will allow your waiters to have greater possibility of movement and displacement thanks to the cut that has in the middle, in addition to the elegance and good presentation that will bring to your restaurant. Buy your apron from the Egochef brand now!

  • Cap for jobs that come into contact with food. Ribbed design with a grid at the top for a good transpiration of the head part. Very good comfort thanks to the materials used. Package of 6 units

  • Unique leather apron in the high quality market with authentic adjustable leather details on the neck and waist. It is designed for work with heavy and sharp tools, as it is very resistant to any cut and pulls.

  • Con este delantal industrial fabricado con poliéster y revestido con PVC por sus dos lados hará que en la cocina no se te resista nada. Todo ello gracias a su material que te protege del agua, de la gasolina, de grasas y aceites y de diversos ácidos. Además tiene propiedades ignífugas y es irrasgable.

    No se nos ocurre mejor compañero de trabajo para el día a día en la cocina, laboratorio, o en el puesto de trabajo en el que requieras de equiparte con este delantal de PVC de calidad.

  • An ideal jacket to use in the kitchen of your restaurant, with details of closure, details of red on the neck of the lapel, made with an ideal mixture to generate greater comfort and resistance to abrasion. The underarm and back area is fully breathable to evacuate sweat while cooking.

  • Do you work as a cook? Do you dedicate yourself to cutting ham in thin slices adjusting the perfection? Then you will be interested in this black jacket made with the mixture of cotton and polyester providing good comfort and resistance to wear, also in the part of the armpits it has a special structure for complete sweat perspiration. Buy now your black coat and wear it as soon as possible, add elegance to your restaurant.

  • If you are looking for an apron for your employees who work with food and are exposed to water for a long time, this apron will be very useful, as it is made of neoprene to repel splashing water, allowing the worker to be dry at all times.

  • High quality chef’s jacket that will bring great comfort to the cook as well as elegance for the public. In the part of the armpits there is a special  fabric to help all the sweat breathable that generates in the most intense moments in the restaurant.

  • We present a hat for a workplace with constant contact with food and the last thing you want is to see a worker’s hair. That’s why you need to buy this hat with grid and visor, providing maximum comfort to your employees.

  • This cap will allow compliance with food rules and regulations for workers in companies where food is used. Especially for women with long hair, as it has the ability to cover all hair.

  • The apron that will change your style giving greater personality and quality at the service of your restaurant. It is resistant to water or any liquid that can splash eliminating the possibility of getting dirty. There is a functional pocket in the front to allow the waiter to leave their work tools.

  • Perfect apron to use in the kitchen or as a waiter to serve at the tables or behind the bar. It has a typical design and red color but unlike the others the quality is unsurpassed with 65% polyester and 35% cotton improves in terms of strength and washing without leaving any trace of the stains.

Showing 1–12 of 22 results

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