Spanish ham

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  • We want to present to you a support for your Premium range ham, with which you can enjoy each cut to the last detail. Fixation 100% guaranteed with the possibility and freedom of cutting position, with a lever that will allow you to rotate the support 360 degrees always choosing which is the optimal position. High quality details, manufactured with stainless steel of the best quality and 100% certified with a base in different colors.

  • Protector for Afinox ham holder in stainless steel.

  • Your ham will be well secured with the Almería ham holder model, made with pine wood and varnished for a better appearance and reinforcement of the wood. With the hardware and metal support and also adaptable you can cut the best slices to delight your friends or customers.

  • Improve the preservation of your precious ham with the grease proof wrapping paper conserving the product in its best state and retaining the freshness of the product. Thanks to the anti-grease properties of the paper, no bacteria will be created that could damage the ham.

  • We present the best option to avoid drips from your hams, with the consequent disasters that can be caused on floors or surfaces. In this way you can choose the option of this anti-drip system which you like in black or white and with the possibility of printing up to 5 letters! The customization is total as you can see.

  • We present the complete metalized plow ham holder. It has a different design to the conventional ones, in the form of a plow that reminds us of agriculture. It is very original and if you want to dazzle your guests or clients, this model should be yours.

  • Discover the quality of polyester and cotton yarn for manual binding of your sausages. Because we think that a quality product and the exquisiteness of a good sausage deserves to be treated and tied with a thread of high quality and resistance. Nothing is too much for a product of this caliber.

  • If we had to give a definition of glamour and style applied to the world of ham without doubt this cover would be the perfect one. Its mirror print with gold and Swarovski make it a luxury product to protect and preserve your ham making a difference. PRICE HAM COVER WITHOUT PRINTING – POSSIBILITY OF PRINTING PLEASE CONSULT.


  • With this cover, you can dress your Spanish ham as you have never imagined. The preservation of a meat such as Spanish ham deserves special care that we should not overlook, it is important that it is well preserved in a cool and dry place. With this cover, you will prevent the ham from drying out, while retaining all the necessary freshness to enjoy its flavor.


    Undoubtedly the best complement to transport the ham from one place to another without suffering any damage. With this beautiful black case equipped with two handles for an optimal grip and 100% comfortable you have the option to move your ham wherever you want, making sure it will be preserved in the best way.


  • Create the style of your tasty Ham with the braided cord that you like the most. We have a wide variety of colors to offer and that combine with the best cover that your Ham has. We know that your product is unique for you, make it unique for your customers by personalizing it and creating an identity.

    Buy now the best cord that defines you!

  • If you are looking for a holder of high quality and versatility, this is your ham holder. Designed to optimize the cut, to reach all parts of the ham even if they seem impossible. It is made of stainless steel in the part of the structure and the rotating head, the base is made of polyethylene. You can make the cut both horizontally and vertically.

Showing 1–12 of 90 results

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