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  • Protector for Afinox ham holder in stainless steel.

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  • Improve the preservation of your precious ham with the grease proof wrapping paper conserving the product in its best state and retaining the freshness of the product. Thanks to the anti-grease properties of the paper, no bacteria will be created that could damage the ham.

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  • We present the best option to avoid drips from your hams, with the consequent disasters that can be caused on floors or surfaces. In this way you can choose the option of this anti-drip system which you like in black or white and with the possibility of printing up to 5 letters! The customization is total as you can see.

  • Discover the quality of polyester and cotton yarn for manual binding of your sausages. Because we think that a quality product and the exquisiteness of a good sausage deserves to be treated and tied with a thread of high quality and resistance. Nothing is too much for a product of this caliber.

  • Create the style of your tasty Ham with the braided cord that you like the most. We have a wide variety of colors to offer and that combine with the best cover that your Ham has. We know that your product is unique for you, make it unique for your customers by personalizing it and creating an identity.

    Buy now the best cord that defines you!

  • ¿Qué hago con el jamón una vez abierto? ¿Cómo lo conservo? La mejor opción para estos casos en contar con un cubrejamón de calidad.

    El cubrejamón te permite tapar la parte expuesta de tu pieza de una manera sencilla y elegante. Este cubrejamón tiene un sistema de sujeción con dos atadores en sus extremos. 

    El cubrejamón con velcro está fabricado en algodón y poliéster a partes iguales por lo que aporta al jamón toda la transpirabilidad que necesita.

    *10% de descuento por la compra de 100 uds. (consultar descuento por compras superiores)

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  • Presentamos este sobrio y elegante cubrejamón de sencillo uso, ya que gracias al velcro que se encuentra en sus extremos podrás proteger tu jamón del mal que puede ocasionarle la luz o el aire.

    Este producto está elaborado en algodón y poliéster a partes iguales por lo que aporta al jamón toda la transpirabilidad que necesita.

    Y para los profesionales jamoneros, debéis saber que por la compra superior a 10 unidades tienes la posibilidad de personalizar tu cubrejamón. Y dale el toque distintivo a tu negocio.

  • This cutting board is the product you were looking for, it is perfect to make cuts with sharp knives because thanks to the material with which it is made it can withstand all kinds of blows and cuts and still last over time.

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  • Special cutting board for sausages or cold cuts. It can also be used to cut vegetables or fruits, although it is designed to complement a good ham holder.

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  • Endless machine for easy knotting of the sleeve which is perfectly closed and at the same time easy to open when the customer receives the champagne bottle opening mode.

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  • Because quality and good work reside in even the smallest details. It is important to keep our meats in good condition to fully enjoy their unique and tasty flavor along with the texture.

    Therefore, we present this fantastic cover for loin available in different colors. Do not hesitate to contact us for more information.

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  • Elige la red para redondos o carnes rellenas que más se adapte a tus necesidades. Ponemos a tu disposición 3 tamaños distintos acorde a las características del tipo de carne que vayas a utilizar. La cuestión es que esta malla elástica está preparada para soportar altas temperaturas y mantener bien apretada y sujeta la carne, evitando que se desprenda y no quede como queremos.

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