Spanish ham holders

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  • We want to present to you a support for your Premium range ham, with which you can enjoy each cut to the last detail. Fixation 100% guaranteed with the possibility and freedom of cutting position, with a lever that will allow you to rotate the support 360 degrees always choosing which is the optimal position. High quality details, manufactured with stainless steel of the best quality and 100% certified with a base in different colors.

  • Your ham will be well secured with the Almería ham holder model, made with pine wood and varnished for a better appearance and reinforcement of the wood. With the hardware and metal support and also adaptable you can cut the best slices to delight your friends or customers.

  • We present the complete metalized plow ham holder. It has a different design to the conventional ones, in the form of a plow that reminds us of agriculture. It is very original and if you want to dazzle your guests or clients, this model should be yours.

  • If you are looking for a holder of high quality and versatility, this is your ham holder. Designed to optimize the cut, to reach all parts of the ham even if they seem impossible. It is made of stainless steel in the part of the structure and the rotating head, the base is made of polyethylene. You can make the cut both horizontally and vertically.

  • Are you looking for an elegant and at the same time functional ham holder? We present the Burgos model manufactured with the best pine wood with double layer of varnish to obtain an elegant finish, in addition to incorporating a telescopic hardware to change the cutting direction of your ham when you think appropriate. We always want you to enjoy the cut of the ham to your taste, we want to create a unique joint experience.

  • One of the most elegant ham holders that you will find in the market, it has a unique design made with one of the best woods and with stainless steel in both the telescopic hardware and the mace support. You can make unique cuts to the smallest detail.

  • If you are looking to buy a basic but functional ham holder, this is a ham stand that will cover all your needs. Provide stability and 100% fastening of the ham to make any type of cut, either fat or thin to impress your guests, also with the anti-slip rubbers the movement on the table will no longer be your problem.

  • Holder that incorporates the latest technology for ham stands. Made of stainless steel in an integral way, including stirrup technology and a rotating head allowing you to place the ham in the position you most want.

  • Ham of great quality for the best customers and ham holders of a lifetime. With this stainless steel ham holder, nickel-plated steel and with a base of polyethylene and polyamide we guarantee that it will be an incredible cutting experience. Test it!

  • Ham support with a basic but functional design. It is designed for intensive daily use, and is made of stainless steel to have good durability and have no problem with cleaning.

  • To enjoy a good ham it is always necessary to acquire a support where you can cut ham into thin slices which does not move when cutting. With this ham holder you will fix your tasty Ham without the possibility of movement when making both the cut to eliminate fat and the thin slices of tasting. Acquire your ham at the best price, it is not necessary to spend so much to obtain a quality of 10.

  • This holder will allow you to make unique cuts getting some delicious slices and incredible texture that will leave your guests fascinated. It has a base created by Roxton with mineral base and an acrylic agglutinated with polyester, super resistant and stainless steel fasteners.

Showing 1–12 of 44 results

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