Leaders in ham products

CESAVAS develops a ham cover with the built-in net, which facilitates the production workforce by 50%,   given    that in a single gesture it is covered with the net. In this way your product will look much more appealing so that your final customer will be more than satisfied.

CESAVAS in the same way Patent its “FUNPLAS” cover with interior plastic so you do not have to roll the ham with paper and it saves you a lot of time and money. You save up to 80% less time than rolling your hams with paper. Especially useful when you are transporting, there will be no stains.

CESAVAS is dedicated to the manufacture of covers with the highest quality, but always taking care of our environment, that is why CESAVAS has decided to stand firm with its development of ham sleeves in recycled cotton. which are reaffirmed already with titles and certifications.

The cotton is recycled by combining the remains of the manufacture of clothing. These surplus pieces are processed  to form fibers that can be woven creating a new cotton fabric or combined with other textile materials.

The recycling process is respectful with the environment since it does not use new cotton, dyes or aggressive chemicals since the remains are classified and grouped by colors to make the new and recycled cotton in different colors. It is also less harmful to the environment because it avoids the processes of collection, spinning and dyeing, as well as cost less time, energy and money.